Ways of Creating Environmental Awareness and Promoting Sustainability

Ways of Creating Environmental Awareness and Promoting Sustainability

Introduction The cost of environmental degradation is dawning to most of us if not everyone. It is incredibly difficult to believe that there was an age when the earth was all serene covered with immeasurable resources.Every place, even in third world countries, man scavenging activities seem to dominate. In the West more land is cleared to erect skyscrapers or industrial plants, in the Middle East there is no much of vegetation and what is left in most countries lies in desolate due war.And in Africa, which is a green continent despite having the largest desert, Sahara has not been spared either, when one sees a tree, he/she sees a charcoal or firewood. Therefore, there is a dire need to create environmental awareness on the importance of
protecting our environment and come up with alternative forms of energy.

While there seem to be national and international efforts expressed through various climate summits, we must acknowledge, it is the responsibility of every citizen to use environmental resources with care and protect it from responsible behavior. We only have one earth and if we destroy, we will pay for it dearly.

Man has greatly degraded the environment through;· The unquenchable quest for industrialization and deforestation; the growth of industries has been a positive step towards economic growth, however, we cannot ignore its cost. The more we made new automobiles, nuclear plants, war equipment, roads, house, companies, town, and cities, farmed, ranched, mined and went to war among other activities, the more we destroyed the natural land. We used every resource we came across without much consideration of the future generation.But how can we create Environmental Awareness and promote Sustainability?The increasing rates of scarcity in fuel resources and the depletion of natural resources have awakened us from our slumber. And governments are using every opportunity to create environmental awareness and promote alternative forms of energy.

For instance;· People are being taught in school; the government is doing everything it can to make sure that little children learn the importance of using resources responsibly. This aims at reducing mismanagement of nonrenewable resources. · Development of organizations to create awareness and regulate environment: NGOs that have tasked themselves with educating people and advocating for the sustainable use of resources have emerged. These organizations dedicate their efforts in showing the devastating effects of environmental degradation and come up with solutions on how to care for the environment. Funds should be set aside to support these organizations that are advocating for renewable energy.Also,
the government has also created awareness through their bodies, which have authority to impose laws, regulation, charges, and fines in case of an
infringement. Government organizations through their websites, media, and resources lay down rules to the public and educate them on the importance of advocating for alternative energy that is renewable and cost-effective.·

Spearheading of sustainable development concept; today many organizations have adopted go green, recycle and reuse strategies in their
strategies and are encouraging the public to adopt them. Moreover, we are seeing a rise in the use of power efficient tools and machines or alternative energy such as adoption of solar energy, electric car, and fewer pollutant fuels.· Dedicate resources to scientists and research and give public recognition; the government can create environmental awareness by publically supporting
technological researchers aimed at the development of renewable energy. And when a discovery is made it should be made publically and be recognized as a merit to national development. Conclusion

Thus, to sustainably secure the future of the generation to come, we need to come up with innovative alternative forms of energy that are renewable and keep on advocating for environmental awareness.

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