The Future of Energy Sources

The Future of Energy Sources

Many people believe that solar energy can best be used as a complement to the main electricity and reduce its use to some extent. Advanced technology has made it possible today to tap the stupendous amount of energy which can easily be distributed using the house wiring system just like the mains electricity. Today solar energy need not play second fiddle to mains electricity. Even in areas of low sunlight, the summer sun can easily be tapped.

Multiple uses

It is commonly perceived that solar energy can only be utilized to power small appliances. But the fact is that it can be utilized for many things like cooking, heating, powering of lighting as well as major appliances and just about everything for which electricity is used. This holds most true for areas with abundant sunshine all-year-around which can be efficiently tapped with the right technology to generate massive electricity.

Solar energy storage

One may wonder how to tap solar energy during the nights, but the best part about this energy is that it can easily be stored and used later as and when required. Most of the time, they are stored in batteries.
As the clean energy technology has advanced, new batteries are available in the market which can store a massive amount of electricity. It’s not far when the era arrives when even areas of inadequate sunshine can tap solar energy during summer and uses them in winter. Today one can store energy to adequately supply for few hours use to a few days use. But one can safely expect in near future that the storage capacity may well increase too few weeks to even few months.



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