An electric vehicle like the Tesla Model S is just undoubtedly, more than the new form of technological advancements in the world of automotive of the century. It is a total shift in our entire way of life from a civilization based on consumable to a renewable one.

Imagine an automotive manufactured from 100% recycled materials using renewable energy, powered by renewable energy, without noise pollution, isn’t that the future?

That said then, how then does such a vehicle help in bringing down the levels of carbon print in the environment;

No emissions.
Electrified vehicles are purely 100% eco-friendly. This is as a result of their engines being powered electrically and thus don’t emit toxic gases to the environment as they operate on the clean energy source.

Battery emissions recovered through recycling.
Current Tesla’s battery recycler, Umicore in Europe argues that Battery recycling recovers up to 70% GHG emissions that got produced initially at the first extraction of the material. Thus keeping them clean and harmless to the environment clean.

Recycling of aluminum.
The recovery rate of aluminum is very high in vehicles as it uses only 5% of electricity as compared to processing from the raw materials. This cuts down the number of emissions in the recycling process.

Long lasting.
Electric vehicles compared the conventional combustible one will last longer as aluminum doesn’t rust and few disposable fluids to maintain for the few moving parts, resulting in no wearing out quickly.



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