How To Avoid The Electric Grid And Save More Dollars

How To Avoid The Electric Grid And Save More Dollars

I opened my electricity bill envelope and ended up open-mouthed. “What! I can’t believe this, a further increase?” The most important point for consideration is that it is happening to almost everybody. Electricity bills are soaring high like rockets at work. The running cost of traditional grid operators is constantly being increased in the face of economic pressures. The solution to this is to opt for a reliable source of electrical energy which is comparatively cheaper and readily available and cease to depend on the traditional grid.

Our next task is to find the comparatively cheaper and readily available source to tap the electrical energy. The immediate sources available are electrical energies generated using natural resources such as wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat and sunlight. Their energies are replenished naturally. It is worthy to point out here that the main sources of their raw material supply are highly dependent on nature.

Hydro energy generation is depended on rain-water to function. It may also need a large surface area to collect enough water for it to function well. An individual will, therefore, find it difficult to operate it profitably. The system operation will be highly challenged in areas where water is not available all year round.

The next set of renewable energies is generated through sunshine. The heat energy coming from the sun rays is processed to generate electricity for the home. This has worked perfectly for periods of regular sunshine. However, there is difficulty in rainy seasons where the sun forbears to shine. You also need space to expose solar panels to make it work. If the two mentioned above are not feasible then what next? The answer is generating electrical energy through magnets.

Magnetic Electric generators are portable and need a small space to mount. That attractive force that draws iron to it is worked out to whirl a shaft which, with other fittings, makes it possible to generate electrical energy. The energy that it generated is enough to run the shaft and a surplus to be used in your homes. The device is simple, and the raw materials needed to build it are always available in any part of the world.

The energy supplied from the grid is becoming alarmingly expensive. The need to avoid this traditional source is now. With the types discussed above, I am convinced that magnetically generated electricity will work out this time.

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