Different Types of Renewable Energy

Different Types of Renewable Energy

Fearing to run out of the fossil fuels as well as other forms of the non-renewable energy, professionals are educating individuals on the need of adjusting to renewable sources of energy. Unluckily despite these sources of energy gaining popularity, consumers are trying to understand how these energy sources generate electricity. Here are the various forms of renewable energy that are being used currently:

Geothermal energy

This is a simple and a non-polluting means of utilizing heat from the earth in order to heat & cool a building as opposed to producing electricity individually. Utilizing GHP together with the customary heating & cooling systems permit the systems to utilize much less energy as compared to a situation where you do not use a GHP.

Wind power

Machines are used to convert the wind energy into electrical power. The sole fuel that is needed is wind which means it is free& unlimited. The first capital costs might be considerable though the price for the small-scale systems for homes has been much more affordable.

Solar Energy

While the sun’s energy is just free & very renewable, installing solar panels which will be used to tap the rays of the sun & transform that into electricity is pricey. However, with all these aside, solar energy remains to be the cheapest form of renewable energy after all not forgetting that it is much environmental-friendly.



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