A Basic Guide to Renewable Energy Sources

A Basic Guide to Renewable Energy Sources

This guide will help you understand the sources of renewable energy. The definition of the source of renewable energy is one that is naturally replaced in percentages equal to or greater than human consumption. Four types of renewable energy sources – solar energy, wind, water and sometimes miss geothermal energy. Now it’s time to study each of these energy sources so that we can learn more about each type.

Solar energy – solar energy – is the energy radiated by the sun. Solar energy has many useful applications, including; solar radiation that can produce electricity by using photovoltaic cells, heating water through convection, solar heating for homes and many other innovations. Of all the energy sources that I discuss in this article, I believe that solar energy can be the best choice for our future electrical needs.

Wind energy. One type of renewable energy is the use of wind for electricity generation. This is one kind of energy that can not benefit everyone. Due to the location, there may not be enough wind to generate electricity, the location of the wind turbine determines whether this can be a viable source of energy for your personal use. Giant wind farms are being built across the country to help produce electricity to feed our homes. Windmills were used by farmers to pump water from wells. When using a wind pump, water is extracted from the depths of the earth for irrigation of crops.

Water – the energy of water is created when water either falls to turn a mechanical device or a river that flows through an artificial damn. This type of energy that has been used since the beginning of the 20th century, with the huge damages being created by the US Engineering Corporation for the production of electricity for electricity generation for our cities. The principle underlying the creation of water or called a hydroelectric power plant is to build a curse with a change in the depth of the water by several hundred feet. Water is considered a renewable energy resource because our planet has many rivers and streams, which are replenished with annual amounts of precipitation.

Geothermal energy – geothermal energy is best described as energy extracted from under the earth’s surface. Just under the earth’s surface, about 10 feet, the temperature remains almost constant from 50 to 60 degrees. This means that there is energy, which is created by the inner core of the Earth. We can use this heat to heat and cool our homes. A geothermal heat pump is a device that pumped out water or sometimes air back to our homes from under the ground. The hinges of pipes buried in the ground are used to provide a constant temperature in our homes. Sometimes these systems can be less expensive than other types of renewable energy.

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